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Hello old friends,

You have been watching over us for over seven years… it is so sad this has to happen…

There was talk that during the Dunbarton-expansion you will disappear..

The lamp post… You were always here for us to sit and afk by for years. You were there as our silent friend, someone we could always lean on..

How could I forget you.. The giving tree. When we had confusion or needed help all we needed was to look up to your magic branches, leave an offering, and you would give us advice.

I do not know if all this talk is true but.. just in case.. you two mean the world to me.. I will never forget our time together.

Never forget.

Let Horei bless you two..

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    *sobs* it’s just so HARD, these changes, man. I don’t want change. I want the old mabi T__T ~ooooh!~ is that a new skill...
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    Oh no! ;w; Mr.Lamp will disappear? D: why~ don’t leave me, I need you~
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    OH AND HOW IT GAVE!!!!!!! I will remember you for years to come. just gazing upon at my children playing under your...
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    We love you old friend..
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